How did a Property Company become a leading Domain Services Company…?

From Mill Conversion to Global IT Project Management, it has been a journey but we’ve never forgotten our roots.


In 1984 our founder was made redundant as Freight Manager Mid Wales at British Rail following the withdrawal of Freight Services.   

Looking for something to do, he found and renovated an Old Welsh Mill.   He then proceeded to renovate many more not only in the UK but also in France and Belgium under the banner of buildersabroad.

In France, he was offered old agricultural buildings which he demolished sensitively and exported for re-erection in the UK.

With a background in Property Development, it was a natural step into Facilities Management including Office IT Cabling.  Clients included GE Capital, Toyota Europe and DHL.

We then diversified into IT Project Management with a speciality in Facilities and Property Management and Procurement, and from there it was a small step to domains, websites and eCommerce as companies moved online and outsourced.

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