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How do you solve a modern day Sherlock Holmes mystery? 

Use of course.   

In the  BBC 1 drama Sherlock, the hero of the hour tracks down a serial killer using a smartphone service called MePhone.

Branded as “The ultimate mobile service website that enables you to track your mobile and access data from your PC” in the drama allows Holmes to track down the phone via a GPS tracking signal, read the victims emails, and thankfully lead him to the man he is looking for.

Possible Uses for these two domains: and are fantastic names upon which to build a mobile, email or even a Sherlock Holmes paraphernalia site.

There is small but significant inward searches and type-ins from followers of the BBC ‘Sherlock Holmes’ series and surprisingly they have never asserted ownership rights.

There is additional income potential from the email used in the episode (|at| which could be used to redirect traffic.  Before you ask, no the password is not rachel…!

So grab a fantastic website for a great price before someone else does.


We buy, sell and lease high quality domain names. We are happy to help you get your new website off the ground, find suppliers and generally provide great after sales support.

We are part of the KBBF Group of Companies and any invoices, refunds etc will be sent from KBBF.   The final price will include VAT at 20% [GB 250 0656 37].

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